Founded in 1989

Offices: Hungary,  Singapore and USA, Over 100 employees in 3 countries

CEO: Mr. András Vago


MP Informatikai Ltd., formerly Multipolaris is a leading technology company in the area of secure credentials specialised in the development of state of the art high security laser personalization solutions. For more than twenty years Multipolaris has been working as system integrator that has delivered over 130 million secure credentials of card format and passports in four countries. The company has provided reliable, costeffective solutions that enable governments to deter counterfeiting, enhance safety and security, combat identity theft and fraud and facilitate the effectiveness of governments’ security document programs. Based on long term agreements with government organizations, Multipolaris not only delivers turnkey systems but has been operating them for several years with the highest customer satisfaction. Our solutions in this area include enrollment office management system, civil registry data base management.


Based on the experience gained in the operation of highly secure IT systems, Multipolaris developed its own, state-of- the-art end-to-end, high security multi-functional solutions. To achieve the highest level of security for credentialsMultipolaris, in close co-operation with our partner company Nanosec, has developed the new generation of table-top laser personalization machines which have the speed, accuracy and capacity to easily compete against the large, costly, and heavily maintenance dependent centralized laser engravers. In the credential issuance business, security is the most important aspect. The new generation laser solutions were designed to include the most comprehensive list of security elements of any personalization solution.


In co-operation with Innovation in Motion a new product, the HDR (Handheld Document Reader) solution, has been developed. This is a small, highly integrated device, which assists the work of border control and law enforcement agencies in identity checks, as well as in searching demographic and biometric information in various databases of recorded persons. Border and identity checks with biometrics require online access, rapid and accurate responses from systems that must enable officers to quickly identify individuals they apprehend, check biometrics against terrorist, criminal or immigrant databases and verify credentials.

The HDR solution allows the user to customise biometric and non-biometric search and match functions with a high degree of flexibility. Recently, our company held demonstrations of this solution in the USA for security, airport and public road authorities with great success.




Over 130M Secure Credentials Issued


  • Hungarian - E-Passport and National ID Card Programs
  • Hungarian - Multifunctional service card (Police,
  • Fire Guard, Border Guard, Civil Protection
  • Hungarian - Tax Card
  • Hungarian - Vehicle Registry Card
  • Hungarian - Driving License
  • Polish - Passport and National ID Card Programs
  • Polish - Military Service Card
  • Slovak - Passport Program
  • Slovak - Driving License
  • Spanish - National ID Program