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MP Informatika has gained unique experiences and references in establishment of document issuing systems and the implementation and integration of associated personalisation systems.


Our systems are in operation in the affected areas of information technology and the printing industry. Among international competitors our company has always attracted by its safe data management and client-oriented systems. Reason for this is the characteristic feature of MP Informatika which not only makes our company suitable for the design and implementation of security systems but is, at the same time, our main slogan: system approach.


As system integrator we are proposing a special technical advisory co-operation during the preparation of the technical proposal. Our analysts have the skills to co-operate with the proposal preparation team, escpecially in the field of application registration and issuing systems, the management and security of all relevant data and the logistics of this highly confidential information. Our systems integration experts have helped organisations of all sizes, to construct and manage distributed issuance programs. Our solutions are used to issue financial cards, driver’s licenses, student IDs, passports and more. Our specialists can help in defining the IT strategy, choosing appropriate technologies, custom configuration and installation.