What is the Color QRCODE?


The QR Code standard defined by ISO/IEC 18004: 2006 which determines the maximum data capacity

in 2953 bytes. This is the limit, way have not been used before to store larger images, for example

facial images. A facial image stored in an ICAO compatible RF ID document is about 50 kbytes.

Our new Special Patented Coading Process enables us, to store even a colour facial image in a CQR code.

With the new technology we can do even more. We are usisng the STANDARD QR Code for the

complex personal identification, including facial images+personal data +biometric data, ecc,

ALL in ONE, in secured environmental!




How it works?


The image must first be converted to a
suitable format. The source can be a
standard picture from any kind of digital

Through our own compression processes, the
image is compressed to fit in less than 1000
bytes. So we still have approximately 2000
bytes to write-in the full personal, and biometric
data package.

We able to display it by laser engraving as readable
QR code images even in approximately 10 x10 mm
sizes on a plastic document. The Color QRCODE can
be widely used for any kind of ID documents.

With our own software applications you can
easily scan and visualize the original color photo and
the full data package on your mobile phone, or on
pc with a standard QR code, or passport reader.

The data is encrypted using AES encryption to
ensure data protection.








How does it work on the document?

The Color QR code is following the same method as an ICAO standard RF ID solution:

  1. Passive Authentication
  2. Basic Access Control
  3. Chip Authentication v1
  4. Biometric

Passive Authentication

The CQR code can be read by any standard QR code reader, but its contents can only be accessed with the

appropriate password. The password ID is contained in the first 12 characters of the CQR code, which determines

where the password is located in the “KeyStore”.


Basic Access Control

Using the password key downloaded from the “KeyStore”, we open the internal contents of the QR code containing

the MRZ lines.


MRZ Authentication v1 (Chip Authentication v1 )


The HASH (any algorithm used for encryption) is created from the MRZ queues and a ScanKey is added to open the

biometric block. The SkanKey is also unique and is used to read biometric data only.



Biometric data (photo, fingerprint, etc.) is displayed and readable.

What are the benefits and security

  • We use standard QR CODE so all QR CODE reading tools can scan. (eg standard cheap mobile phone without adds on, QR reader, passport reader, target device)
  • We are using laser engraving technology which has several advantages
  • the PC based documents contains only black and white images, as traditional, widely used laser engraving technology can print only greyscale image. The CQR code will display a colour picture of the   holder for theauthorized control person.
  • very small image, 10 x 10 mm can be readable without any difficulties.
  • This small, high density image is not possible to replicate with laser toner or inkjet technology, or byphotocopy machines.
  • The image is encoded and decoded with an algorithm besed on our Special Patented CodingProcess.
  • Specially encoded data sets are encoded with AES technology using a 256-bit key to provide even greatersecurity.
  • The CQR code is adapting the security structure of ICAO compatible RF ID chip, but there is nophisical cost of the digital solution.
  • OFFLINE readable option.
  • CQR is a Digital ID solution. The holder can be identified without the original ID, because theCQR code containes the colour picture, the personal data, original ID serial number, thefingerprint, etc.

Areas of application

  • ID card, driving licence, passport, travel pass, health card



CQR CODE:: color QR code demo