New unique laser processed identifiable unforgeable marker for serialization and authentication of goods


Actual problem:

The rising tide of counterfeit goods reveals numerous gaps in governmental and industry efforts to safeguard the consumers from threat caused by not authentic medicine ..goods .. documents and so on..



New regulatory rules:


A new mandatory method called “mass serialization”, combined with “track-and-trace” requirements , is becoming the worldwide standard in the supply chain of medicinal products



An inadequate response:



On the current package the Manufacturers use a 1-2D scannable code and/or radio frequency identification (RFID) coding.




These methods leave some doors open because are based on methods that counterfeiters already know how to subvert.



Counterfeiters typically move so fast that counterfeit good reaches customers long before duplication is detected.



Basic security rules:



The security of a medicine ..goods .. documents depends upon how difficult it is to simulate or tamper , and also how easily the genuine package may be verified as being genuine





On the bottom of this pyramid scheme there is a genuine original support, and at the top there is an authentication data reader.



Next generation anti-counterfeiting:



The proposed New technology ,based on an unique randomize traceable marker Tag, promise an higher anti-counterfeiting protection method.




Secure encryption/decryption key:



The system is designed to defeat any attempts to decrypt or tampering because no third parties can decipher the data being stored. Encryption keys must be know only to the communication parties.




Inexpensive and easy to use, these scanners distinguish fakes from genuine products




Basic Principle of «L-Code»: