Slovak EU Format Passport Issuance System

The project was created by the Slovak government to modernize the Slovak passport issuance system according to the new European Union regulations and as such create new passports which conform to the EU standards. Multipolaris in partnership with the Hungarian Banknote Company was awarded the contract in 2005 and as such had to develop, implement, and establish operational use of a completely new centralized passport issuance system.


Multipolaris’ responsibility in this project was to deliver the entire passport personalization infrastructure hardware (servers, workstations, personalization machines, passport quality verification stations, ect..) plus all the software required to operate the system. The software elements included the development and integration of the database systems, passport issuance system, and the overall security management system. In addition, Multipolaris provided the end-user training for the system operators. The main project deliverables for this system were:

IT Infrastructure
  • Servers for databases, data archiving, and applications
  • Workstations
  • Passport Validation OCR Readers
  • Personalization Machines
Software Applications
  • Passport Central Registry Subsystem
  • Network Communications Subsystem
  • Passport Manufacturing Process Management System
  • Passport Manufacturing Subsystem
  • Passport Validation and Mailing Subsystem
  • Back-Office Workstation Subsystem
  • Backup/Archiving Subsystem


The system was handed over to the government on April 4, 2005 and since then approximately 1.5 million new passports have been successfully issued by the system.