Technical advisory in software planning and designing

MP Informatikai Ltd. Co. set up its software development group in 1999 with the aim to include the newest most advanced IT elements supporting the production of special documents in the scope of products of  MP Informatikai as quickly as possible. The activity of the group contains the integration of internationally accepted standards and recommendations which have not been introduced yet in systems supporting security document personalization.


The proposed technical advisory in software planning and designing takes the relevant development recommendations and the most advanced technologies into consideration.  MP Informatikai offers an advisory services in the complete range of planning and designing the software for security document systems, helping to deliver a fully integrated professional solution. Our specialists are working with Enterprise Architect that provides the latest UML technology for software planning and designing. They have at least 5 years practical experience in the field of security document solutions.


Supply of software system for secure document production

Documents such as passports and identity cards should incorporate the most advanced technology and security features to combat fraud and counterfeit. However the most secure document is always under threat from an insecure distribution and issuing systems, and misuse by unreliable operators leads to the issue of illegal documents.


MP Informatikai has a proven track record in the implementation of national ID and other security document projects. This expertise has been expanded during the recent years to encompass solutions for end-to-end projects for security document issuance systems.  MP Informatikai is both positioned as a solution provider and technology integrator and has its own full product line for security document issuance systems conforming to the international recommendations. Whether a national ID program requires a high-volume, centralized card issuance system, or multiple desktop identification systems for instant issuance, customers can rely on  MP Informatikai to customize a solution from the available wide range of solutions and technologies.


MP Informatikai comprehensive solution for security document production includes the latest technologies. Based on our experience in governmental projects, we offer highly innovative technology, advanced, client-server based production software solutions for governments and institutions in cooperation with large-scale system integrators.


Based on the practical experiences of the continous operation of existing issuance systems  MP Informatikai has developed its complex issuance system solution under the aegis of MPSDS®. According the request the present document contains the following sub-modules of MPSDS® :


  • a secured inventory management module;
  • an integrated personalisation module;
  • an integrated Document Life Cycle Information module.



Supply of the personalization technology

Laser engraving is a sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that engraves high-resolution text and photo quality images into the core of a polycarbonate material making the card extremely difficult to alter or forge. Laser engraving permanently alters the document unlike conventional printing where inks or dyes are printed on or in a document. In laser engraving, polymers such as polycarbonate yield the long-life demanded for today's high security documents. These polymers are also ideal for combining laser engraving with other technologies such as RF-chips. When polycarbonate molecules are hit by a laser beam they change to tiny carbon bubbles. These form a black color. By directing a laser beam onto a polycarbonate material, it is possible to print images and text as well as any typeface. Even microfeatures can be introduced.


  • Laser beam passes through top clear layer, with no reaction. Laser beam hits laser layer, causing the pigment in this layer to react immediately. Laser beam hits opaque core layer causing this material to react immediately. An interaction between the different materials starts.
  • Additional energy is generated by the beam. The material continues to react due to increasing temperature. Pigments from the top layer melt into the top layer from the reverse side.


MP Informatikai has been applying laser engraving technology for document personalization since 1994 and more millions of different documents were personalised and issued to date by the help of our system.


Till nowadays the laser-engraved technology was rather expensive, it required special tools and software, which cannot be purchased in common retail outlets. Now Persolver and IDForce are presenting the new generation of laser engravers. The outstanding personalization laser systems are ideally suits for desktop applications. Low deployment costs - no additional water cooling system is necessary, due to the air cooled laser. Low maintenance and no extra consumables - these units are cost much less, than the previous generation of laser engravers.